Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia

Dismissal of Rodriguez-Luz


The dismissal of Mr. Frédéric Rodriguez-Luz met with very broad, almost total approval among the members of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia as well as among those of Auspice Stella.

Activities continued as evidenced by the publication of issues 4 and 5 of our newspaper La Couronne d'Acier as well as the meeting in Limoges of our friends from the South-West. And of course the festival of the Holy Rose of Lima in Tourtoirac which was a great success with the reappearance of many members who had moved away in the past. Meetings took place in Paris as well as in Tourtoirac.

However, a few rare voices were raised in the United Kingdom, very far from what was happening in France, claiming that this dismissal was unconstitutional.

We had already had the same situation during the election of Prince Antoine IV and what followed has clearly proven that at the time everything was done in perfect accordance with the constitution as is also the case this time.

What happened?

Since Manifesto of April 26, 2018 of Mr. Rodriguez-Luz, published following his election to the throne of Araucania and Patagonia, none point has not been achieved, nor even an initiative to start work. The promise to create an armorial made 3 years before his election and which was part of the reasons for the choice of his voters remained in the cover project presented already in 2015.

Despite numerous requests, in five years he has not never organized meetings of the Councils of the Kingdom. More serious, he completely disinterested in the Mapuche people, not even deigning to salute the memory of Cacique Lorenzo Salvador Cejas Pincén, venerable Advisor to the Kingdom, died at age 83 in 2021.

On the contrary, Mr. Rodriguez-Luz withdrew into himself, proceeding to appoint people – sometimes with quite astonishing profiles and until then completely foreign to the life of Araucania – without any consultation.

Beyond the circle of Kingdom executives, during the festivities of the last Holy Rose of Lima, in August 2022, in Tourtoirac, his behavior deeply shocked everyone assistance by decorating a person without the slightest reason or any merit whatsoever.

Thus, not only did Frédéric take no account of the disappointment of the sympathizers, but he took umbrage at the justified remarks made to him. So much so that, at his sole initiative, relations came to deteriorate with the institutions of the Kingdom and their members and his behavior caused more and more members to move away.

The most spectacular departures were those of the Chancellor and Treasurer as well as the President of Auspice Stella.

Feeling the growing discontent, Mr. Rodriguez-Luz, without notifying anyone, published on March 13 a press release on social networks indicating that he was going to retire for 6 months, which effectively canceled the dinner birthday scheduled for April 29 as well as the feast of the Sainte Rose de Lima in August.

This publication was received with astonishment, the media speaking of Coup d'Etat . Wanting to govern only by decree, without taking into account the opinions of the Council of State or the Council of the Kingdom, necessary in a constitutional monarchy, it was then a clear violation of the Constitution, even a real Coup d'Etat.

But more serious, he accused without the slightest proof members of the councils of being hostile to the Mapuche People.

A memorandum from the oldest members of the Councils ( Werba, Mariqueo and Pohland ), members already charged by Prince Philippe with the settlement of his succession, was immediately sent to the other Councillors, seeking advice and considering possible dismissal.

In particular, the three Mapuche advisors confirmed with a message their support.

However, a few days later, after consultation with Mr. Rodriguez-Luz, a change of heart, probably because of promises of titles and functions, took place and a statement Mapuche asked for the exclusion of the concerned memebers

Moreover, a few days later, important titles and functions have been widely granted. (2 presidents, two vice-presidents, a chancellor, another chancellor, an earl, a baroness and 2 dukes and 2 duchesses, all for the 5 remaining supporters)

Five members of the Councils responded by asking, under the control of Mapuche advisors, to provide evidence for his accusations before a court of honor.

To which Mr. Rodriguez-Luz, by royal decree no. 2023/02 of March 21, 2023, in defiance of the Constitution of 1860, then pronounced the dismissal of four members without explanations or justifications. This of course in the hope of being able to make impossible the dismissal of himself that he feared.

It should be noted that this decree, with an apocryphal signature, was only published on social networks without having been officially communicated to those concerned.

The justification came a year later with a false declaration of april 28, 2024 made by Ms. Nina Dean Saleh-Ahmet, claiming that Rodiguez-Luz would have heard discriminatory remarks by advisors in a private setting.

As these 4 advisors have not seen each other since March 2017, the lie was immediately revealed.

But Ms. Dean Saleh-Ahmet still did not give up and tried to cover her first lie with a second.

Explaining this time that it was not a private meeting, but words heard personally by Rodriguez-Luz around August 2022, that is to say during the Sainte Rose de Lima . She attached a statement of April 12, 2024, made by "Chancellor" J.-P. Wilson.

Here too the evidence of the lie was immediately obvious, because none of the incriminated members was present at the Sainte Rose de Lima 2022, Olivier Levy having seen Rodriguez-Luz the last time in March 2019, MM Andersen and Werba in August 2019 and M Pohland in August 2018.

The exclusion of these four members was a second strictly unconstitutional act, because article 17 of the constitution is very clear: "the advisers of the Kingdom are appointed for life; but they can be dismissed by the king, for crimes, attacks and conspiracies....."

Not only were the reasons not given but a royal decree having the force of law, this one to be valid, must be promulgated by the Council of the Kingdom, in accordance with article 22 of the constitution, which obviously was not done. This decree was therefore null and void and the excluded members could therefore continue to fully exercise their functions.

In view of the above it was clear that the repeated failures and especially the unconstitutional actions could only lead to dismissal, in order to return to the proper functioning of the Kingdom and Auspice Stella, especially since Mr. Rodriguez-Luz and those around him strove to unleash a torrent of slander and personal threats on those who resisted him.

The dismissal was however not provided for in the constitution of Orelie-Antoine, but the latter, based on the functioning of the Council of Elders of the Mapuche People, had given the power to the Council of the Kingdom to settle everything that is not not provided for by the constitution or even to modify it.

This was done several times, the last time in 2016 by an addendum transforming the Kingdom into an elective monarchy.

An elective monarchy can be for life or for a fixed term, but in any case automatically includes the possibility of dismissal, all documents dealing with this subject are unanimous with this.

In this regard, History gives us numerous examples, from Henri de Valois, elected sovereign of Poland, to the doge of Venice who could be deposed by the Council of Ten.

This is why the President of the Council of the Kingdom, his dismissal being unconstitutional and null and void, summoned on March 28 in due form the members of the Councils for an official meeting of the two councils on April 12 in Paris, in order to decide on the follow-up to be given to the behavior of Mr. Rodriguez-Luz.

Of the 12 members summoned, 3 were present, 4 gave powers, 1 had previously spoken out in writing against dismissal, 1 previously judged the meeting to be illegal in writing, 1 indicated in writing that he did not want to 'express and 2 remained silent.

The dismissal was voted by an absolute majority of the two Councils, gathered in Parliament, on April 12, 2023, according to the principle set out by Saint Thomas Aquinas in his De Regno, "that a society has the right to depose the king "that it has given itself, even as hereditary, because by behaving like a bad prince, in the government of the State, he deserved that his subjects break the pact of obedience."

A fortiori, an “elective royalty” implies even more indisputably the capacity for mandates to revoke the elected official in the event of serious breach of the oath to respect the constitution which he solemnly took.

When the throne was vacant, the period of regency opened and in order to fill the void the Council of Regency appointed, with the same majority, Mr. Philippe Delorme, as successor, who took as his reign name Philippe II, and this strictly compliance with the 1860 constitution and its 2016 addendum.
Unfortunately, led by Mr. Rodriguez-Luz, many detractors attacked Prince Philippe II in private and on social networks. Fearing for his professional future, after ten days he saw the only way out as his abdication to stop this hurricane of slander.

The throne thus becoming vacant, a period of Regency then opened, in which the President of the Council of the Kingdom became Regent according to the provisions of the constitution. As, however, the President renounced this task because of the unfounded accusations launched by Rodriguez-Luz against him, it was then that the Vice-President of the Council of State became Regent.

After a year, during which all activities of the Kingdom resumed their normal course, in a peaceful situation, the Council of Regency met again on April 6, 2024, in order to elect a new Prince. The choice fell on Me Philippe Pichon, who is now leading the Kingdom into a new period of its existence.

Thus this painful period of the last five years has finally come to an end and the general relief gives hope for a better future for the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia and for our NGO Auspice Stella.

Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia