La Nation Mapuche - El Pueblo Mapuche

Much information on this page was provided by Luis Llanquilef Rerequeo of the Association Mapuche Relmu France and by Alberto Trivero of Mondovi, Italy. My thanks to them.

Mapuche Language

Mapuche Music

Mapuche Saint

The Alberto Trivero Collection of Mapuche Postcards -- 1890-1920

Alberto Trivero of Mondovi, Italy has assembled a remarkable collection of late 19th and and early 20th century postcards showing Mapuches.

Mapuche Documents

Other Mapuche Resources

Reino del Mapu: Investigacion Historico-Juridica sobre los Derechos de Tratados Indios en el Cono Sur. Website hosted in Belgium. Text in Spanish.

Information about the Consejo Inter-regional Mapuche from the Mapuche International Link in Bristol, England. In English and Spanish.

The Ñuke Mapu page for Mapuche information from Dr. Jorge Calbucura, a sociologist at the Univeristy of Uppsala, Sweden. In English and Spanish.

Information about Mapuche culture and politics from the Rehue Foundation in Amstelveen, Netherlands. In English, Spanish and Dutch.

Mapuche people

Mapuche International Links

Information on Mapuche linguistics from Jennifer Arnold, a doctoral candidate at Stanford University. In English.

Le Royaume d'Araucanie & Patagonie. Ce site apporte des informations sur le royaume fondé par le peuple Mapuche en 1860.

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